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Riley County accepting same-sex marriage applications | TheMercury.com

Pretty proud that my county is one of the first in the state allowing it.

Strike that. First couple has already been denied their license. Talk about getting the couple’s hopes up

Alex Ovechkin’s awesome dinner with a 10-year-old - The Washington Post

I’ll knock down the creep factor and say that Ann has Down Syndrome, but the courage to ask Alex Ovechkin out. How frigging adorable is this?!



Self care 101 

Okay reblogging this again because this scene literally changed my life

Hell, I’m reblogging this because I love me some Agent Cooper and Sheriff Harry in Twin Peaks.

It is amazing what a well-placed concert announcement will do for an attitude.

(It helps to have a “fuck it, I don’t care that it is a Monday night show in KC” attitude to go with it.)

The Features & CHAPPO playing at the Riot Room in KC on Nov 17!!! YEAAAAAH (oh yeah, tickets being $12.55 with service fees? WIN.)

25 Famous Women on Childlessness

As much pressure as I’m getting from my mom, I am glad that there ARE ladies out there that feel like I do.